PDF attachments catalogs

Here you may find PDF catalogs of attachments for excavators and backhoes. Tiltrotators, Quick-Couplers, Breakers, Shears, Crushers, Vibro-rippers, Grapples, etc.

Vibrating grease pump for hydraulic breakers Catalog of vibrating grease pumps for hydraulic breakers. All vibrating lubricator pumps can be installed on any hydraulic hammer. Easy installation, high efficiency, low cost. 2.53 MB
ST6 Tiltrotator leaflet ST6 Tiltrotator leaflet for 3~6 tonnes excavator 208.11 KB
ST10 Tiltrotator leaflet ST10 Tiltrotator leaflet for 6~10 tonnes excavator 214.33 KB
ST15 Tiltrotator leaflet ST15 Tiltrotator leaflet for 10~15 tonnes excavator 135.18 KB
ST15B Tiltrotator leaflet ST15B Tiltrotator leaflet for 12~16 tonnes excavator 134.54 KB
ST22 Tiltrotator leaflet ST22 Tiltrotator leaflet for 16~22 tonnes excavator 142.11 KB
ST28 Tiltrotator leaflet ST28 Tiltrotator leaflet for 22~30 tonnes excavator 136.92 KB
Quick-Couplers leaflet Quick-Couplers (Quick-Hitch) for excavators and backhoes. Product line leaflet. 198.8 KB
Integrated Grab Module leaflet Integrated Grab Module leaflet. Option for tiltrotator Swingotilt. 161.72 KB
KCT leaflet of attachment KCT leaflet of attachment for excavators and backhoes. Tiltrotators Swingotilt, Quick-Couplers (Quick-Hitch), Breakers. 1.18 MB
Extra small size breakers leaflet Extra small size breakers for excavators weight 1102~8818 lbs. Breake models: XTB6, XTB8, XTB17. 159.28 KB
Small size breakers leaflet Small size breakers for excavators weight 6614~27558 lbs Breaker models: XTB40, XTB60, XTB70, XTB80, XTB100 165.27 KB
Medium size breakers leaflet Medium size breakers for excavators weight 22046~66139 lbs Breaker models: XTB130, XTB150, XTB180, XTB200, XTB220, XTB250. 161.38 KB
Large size breakers leaflet Large size breakers for excavators weight 52911~132277 lbs Breaker models: XTB300, XTB360, XTB450, XTB550, 171.55 KB
Crushers XTCR Series XTCR Crushers for excavators weight 35274~70547 lbs Crushers models: XTCR150, XTCR200, XTCR200V, XTCR300     360 free rotation 137.68 KB
Crushers XTC Series XTC Sigle cylinder crushers for excavators weight 1800~15500 lbs Crushers models: XTC10, XTC17, XTC30, XTC50, XTC50M 360 free rotation 111.34 KB
Crushers XTCC Series XTCC Double cylinder crushers for excavators weight 11000~15500 lbs Crushers models: XTCC50, XTCC50M  360 free rotation 101.6 KB
Shears XTS Series XTS Shears for excavators weight 3300~79000 lbs Shear models: XTS17, XTS30, XTS50, XTS50M, XTS130, XTS150, XTS200, XTS300, XTS400  360 free rotation 134.73 KB
Grapples XTG Series XTG Grapples for excavators weight 1800~15500 lbs Grapple models: XTG10, XTG17, XTG30, XTG50M  360 free rotation 63.85 KB
Vibro-Ripper XTVR Series XTVR Vibro-Ripper for excavators weight 26500~143300 lbs Viibro-Ripper models: XTVR15, XTVR25H, XTVR25S, XTVR35H, XTVR35S, XTVR45, XTVR55, XTVR65 The best solution for stone breaking! 149.19 KB
Extra large size breakers leaflet Extra larhe size breakers for excavators weight 99208~308647lbs. Breaker models: XTB650, XTB700, XTB750, XTB1200. 172.17 KB
ST12 Tiltrotator leaflet ST12 Tiltrotator Swingotilt leaflet for 8~12 tonnes excavator (NEW) 167.34 KB
ST18 Tiltrotator leaflet ST18 Tiltrotator Swingotilt leaflet for 14~18 tonnes excavator (NEW) 183.06 KB