Original Caterpillar parts from our stock

Original Caterpillar parts from our stock

Industries within the mining, agro-allied, construction, oil and gas sectors that use the different range of CAT products want only genuine spare parts. Any time the need to replace damaged or not-too-good parts arises; they have never opted for anything less than good and genuine CAT parts.

At KCTPARTS, we understand that optimal functioning and good lifespan of your machines and equipment can only be guaranteed by using genuine and quality CAT parts and accessories. That is why for ages, customers consistently look for reputable Caterpillar spare parts sellers who understand their needs and who holds good business ethics in high esteems.

At KCTPARTS, we are not just dealers and caterpillar spare parts sellers; we are your business partner that understands the frustration associated with buying substandard or fake caterpillar spare parts. In all our showrooms and warehouses wherever we have them, we have maintained this value of selling spare parts that are original and of the best quality.

We do not only stock caterpillar parts for sale; we offer every feasible and valuable advice and assistance to our teeming customers. This value has stood us out from the crowd and endeared our services to our customers.

How we deliver purchased spare parts to customers around the world

Wherever our customers are, we supply them seamlessly – Distance is never a barrier to doing business with our customers as our US warehouse stocks arrays of CAT spare parts. From there, we serve our customers within North America and other neighboring shores.

KCTPARTS has other well-stocked warehouses and showrooms in Europe and Asia {South Korea}. All are structured to ensure that customers' spare parts needs are met with utmost urgency. We also supply spare parts to our customers in Australia, Africa, and other continents.

We have an age-long working relationship with reputable courier companies such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, USPS and other shipping companies. Leveraging on them, we ensure that we do not only supply genuine CAT spare parts, but we supply them on time so that customers who need them do not need to wait for ages before stock arrival.

Whatever Caterpillar spare parts you need, we will meet your expectation. We specialize in stocking and selling of all kinds of caterpillar spare parts for wheel excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, forklifts, dump trucks, and more than other Cat 300 machines and equipment.

Our clientele is mostly from the construction, mining, agro-allied, transport, haulage, logging, oil and gas, power generation and many other fields who make use of CAT machines and equipment. For ages, they have continued to enjoy an unhindered flow of genuine spare parts at any time they need them and in any part of the world, they are.

How you can order for spare parts

To save our customers time, we developed a system called "Parts-express system" with which our customers can place an order and make requests online. It is structured to function flexibly with your mobile device and every other internet-connected device. With this, existing and prospective customers could place requests, ask questions, find and select all range of Caterpillar parts. Our affiliates respond immediately with the pricing and payment options available for customers.

Anyone can use this platform with or without any specialized knowledge. All you need is to have a functional internet-connected device and follow the step by step processes. Another great advantage is the fact that you could make all the inquiries and place orders free of charge on our "Parts-express system" platform.

When you visit the platform, you only need to select the brand you want, the model, parts group and everything you need using the products code. Then add them up to your request list and submit. At the greatest speed, you will receive a quotation on your email, detailing the parts you chose, the quantity and the price list. You will also receive payment terms and other KCTPARTS payment options.

KCT PARTS avail its customer different means of paying for the goods they order. These include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check, Wire Transfer and PayPal.

What cat spare parts can you buy from us?

As industry best source for heavy equipment parts and accessories, we have continued to match the best products with the best international business best practices. You can buy the following CAT parts and accessories from us:

·       Cabs

·       Belts

·       Batteries

·       Fluids

·       Blades

·       Bolts And Link Brackets

·       Rivets

·       Screws and Rod Ends

·       Bale Spears

·       Air cleaners and filters

·       Coolant conditioners

·       Engine oil filters

·       Fuel filters

·       Hydraulic and Transmission Filters

·       Lube systems

·       Caterpillar Brooms

·       Compactors

·       Folks

·       All CAT spare parts, attachments, accessories, consumables, and more.

To ensure that no stones are left unturned in offering you the best service, we work in partnership with other KCTPARTS affiliates and partners. The following are the affiliates of KCTPARTS.



These affiliates are the online stores that specialize in sales of different kinds of spare parts to our numerous customers across the globe. These brands cover different range and brands of earthmoving equipment, trucks, power generating sets, among other products.

Other value-added services we render to our customers

We assist you in making the right choice. When we hear from you, we will be able to offer valuable advice that works. With our parts.kctparts.com, you can find the part number using free online parts search system. We simplify everything to make transactions less stressful for you.


We offer sales support services to our numerous customers from North, South and Central America; Canada, Africa, Australia, Russia and many other countries.


Distance has never been a barrier. We are wherever our customers are because we reach them with the goods they ordered for. We do so by using every means that guarantees speed delivery of ordered spare parts. We use some of the largest AIR shipping carriers, including DHL, UPS, FEDEX, among others.

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